Do you remember those boys that go to the ‘hood’ and mess with people all for the sake of a “prank”? Well, they went to a radio station for an interview and the hosts there called them out on their racist shit and it was the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. Check this video out. 

Ebro and Rosenberg hit damn near EVERY point. YES. So many important things here.

wonder how many of their fans will hear how they said they only upload the violent reactions and that most are not violent…so they’re intentionally portraying poor Blacks as way more violent than they actually are because that’s what other white-identifying people want to see….they’re just like most other media.




That one friend that be goin too far listening to music

He pulled the seat back omgg



Children of color are old enough to face racism when they’re born. Old enough to bear the weight of stereotypes & hate before their little eyes can focus. But somehow white kids are supposed to be too delicate & too shielded to even know race exists because somehow that might hurt them. When your definition of innocent child doesn’t include my babies? I know what you’re on & I don’t have any patience for the lies you tell yourself or your children.